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international trading company, specializing in components, sub-components and sub-systems for the industrial, semiconductor, medical and military industries.

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We supply turnkey, factory auditing, sourcing and supply chain services.

We are committed to ensure that all our products meet customer expectations in all respects, from RnD & NPI to Mass Production, including door-to-door delivery and quality assurance.

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Engraving on metal is done for industrial or artistic purposes. The process can be performed using several techniques, for a wide range of different applications. Here’s everything you need to know. What is Metal Engraving? Metal engraving is a method of shaping metal that can be applied to various types of metals. It is carried out using specialized equipment (there…

Industrial Automation: How Does It Work?

The industrial sector has always pursued automation options in an attempt to continually enhance processes and results. In today’s era, it can be confidently said that automation has never been more developed. The types of automation and the vast variety of its applications are relevant to many sectors and are involved in the production of nearly endless products. What is…

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In the industrial sector, wiring plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of machinery and systems. Electrical wiring must be properly designed and installed to maintain the safety, efficiency, and functionality of the components. What is Wiring and Why is it Important? Wiring involves a network of electrical conductors that transmit power and signals across various components and…

What is Quality Control and How Does It Lead to Quality Assurance?

Quality Control (QC) is a vital component in the quality management fabric of any manufacturing company. Its purpose is to ensure that the final products meet the required standards and specifications. At our company, we conduct rigorous quality control throughout all our production processes. A Closer Look at Quality Control in Various Processes Machining: In CNC machining, quality control involves…

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