Admati Agencies is an international trading company, specializing in components, sub-components, and sub-systems for the semi-conductor, medical, military and industrial industries. In addition, we supply production turnkey, factory auditing, sourcing and purchasing services. We are committed to supplying our customers with the best service, whether it is technical support, on-time delivery or special customization always adding value to our customers. We provide production engineering and outsourcing services to companies that would like to move their production to South-East Asia. Part of our portfolio are IC testing and Reliability services in Israel. We service the Medical, Military, Industrial and Semiconductor industries. Qualification test services are provided to industry leading Fabless Semiconductor companies and Integrated Circuits Manufacturers. The experience in qualification testing and HTOL system design and manufacture enables to offer our customers full turn-key solutions covering all aspects of semiconductor design, manufacturing, testing, reliability, including qualification planning, die and package level testing such as ESD, LU, High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL), Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST), Low temperature Operating Life (LTOL) and Temperature Humidity Bias (THB). Our vendors develop, design and manufactures all of the required test hardware and software used for the complete qualification testing of its customer’s products prior to volume manufacture.

IC Fast Assembly

Integra Technologies is a global leader in the sourcing, packaging, testing and characterization of highly specialized, mission-critical semiconductor components and related value-added services for high-reliability (“Hi-Rel”) applications where dependability and failure-free performance are of paramount importance.

Integra provides a span of in-house services and capabilities to support a broad variety of Hi-Rel components throughout the entire value-added life-cycle – from prototyping, through testing, and ultimately to volume production. More specifically, Integra specializes in semiconductor die prep, packaging, assembly, test, reliability qualification, DPA and FA service for high-reliability applications. Please visit our 


Phasix ESD is a highly respected semiconductor device ESD test centre. Our goal is to ‘make ESD easy’ for our customers, allowing them to obtain rapid, accurate and comprehensive test results for device qualification and characterization. We offer Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM) and Charged Device
Model (CDM) ESD testing and as well as Latch-up testing. We also offer TLP testing as a semiconductor development tool. Our industry standard HBM, MM and Latch-up tester has 768 pin channels, making it suitable for testing devices in excess of 2000pins using traditional socketed test fixtures. For higher pincount devices, or even wafer level testing our 2 pin robotic tester offers a fixtureless solution for unlimited pincount testing. Our CDM tester is also not limited by pincount for larger devices, whilst having the capability to test fragile, die level devices with a pitch as fine as 100um. We are a highly responsive organization, offering guaranteed turnaround times to ensure your precious time-to-market is not compromised by device qualification delays. Our standard turn time is just five days, and we can go even faster than this if you need us to. Our experience of 40 years in the ESD and semiconductor business, coupled with our accreditation to ISO17025 and/or ISO9001 for all the latest testing standards assures you of the highest quality and integrity of results. Phasix ESD is UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 4670.

Reliability Tests

Since 2002, Reltech Limited has provided comprehensive semiconductor testing services, Burn-In, Reliability & Life Testing and Qualification for many well-known manufacturers and users of semiconductor devices and electronic assemblies.
The independent tests are performed to industry and customer specific standards

 and are supported by highly trained and competent personnel, assuring users of the up-most integrity and confidentiality at all times.

The extensive range of test options includes:
Fully automated test systems
Industry and customer specific standards
Hardware design
Test software generation
Test socket selection & application
Device monitoring

Back End

Since 2007 Admati Agencies has shown exceptional growth, due to our commitment to set the industry service standard for excellence. Admati started as a technical services house for the semi-conductor industry. The Company established itself as a leading provider of maintenance of back-end equipment and expanded into supplying back-end hardware, test sockets, burn-in sockets, probes, stiffeners, thermal solutions and PCB design & manufacturing, etc. Today, Admati is a leading provider of sockets, pins, connectors, PCBs to many of largest brands in Israeli market.

Boyd is the world’s leading innovator in sustainable engineered material and thermal solutions that make our customers’ products better, safer, faster, and more reliable. We develop and combine technologies to solve ambitious

 performance targets in our customers’ most critical applications. By implementing technologies and material science in novel ways to seal, protect, cool, and interface, Boyd has continually redefined the possible and championed customer success for over 90 years.

Semiconductor Burn-in and Test Sockets:
– Memory Sockets
– Logic Sockets
– Custom Sockets

Semiconductor Test & Thermal Forcing Systems:
– Thermal Forcing Systems
– Refrigerant
– Cryogenic
– Liquid

Smiths Interconnect’s test socket and probe card solutions utilize IDI contact technology to ensure superior quality and reliability in semiconductor test applications. Our best-in-class engineering, development and technical expertise ensure support of

automated, system level and development test platforms.

The MPI ThermalAir Series of temperature test systems brings precise thermal simulation test capabilities directly to your test application. In the test engineering lab or on the production test floor, the ThermalAir temperature test systems

 provide flexible test solutions for an array of products and technologies.

Since 1975, M Specialties LLC has been a provider of quality consumables for the testing of Semiconductor devices. M Specialties LLC is a privately owned and operated corporation.

Within our Arizona facility we offer Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Assembly services for semiconductor specific Test Boards. We are able to ensure that every facet of the design and manufacturing process is carried out properly, and that each product that we make will meet the standard of excellence for which M Specialties LLC has been known for.
We offer a Test Interface Unit that is designed on time, based on your requirements and within your budget. Our years of experience and dedication to customer service will ensure that you receive the test hardware that you need.

MPI Probe Card division provides a wide range of semiconductor wafer-level test solutions. IC applications include Driver, Logic, CIS, and RF, while probing on bond-pad, flip chip bump, micro-bump, and Cu 

pillar. With advanced technologies to manufacture critical components, we have complete control of product consistency and precise delivery schedule management. The comprehensive designs, robust manufacturing, and state-of-the-art tooling enable us to provide unsurpassed probe cards globally.

MPI is committed to assisting our customers to maintain a competitive edge with fast, accurate responses and to deliver the highest quality test solutions.

Alcotec Precision Engineering Private Limited, a leading global precision machining parts supplier to the Semiconductor Industries.
Operating in a 28,000 square feet of

advance manufacturing facility, Alcotec is well equipped in process of latest cutting-edge technology.

Automatic Test
Equipment Service

esmo design specialists develop individual solutions for the adaptation and integration of test head manipulators and mechanical interfacing systems into test cells for both front- and back-end testing.

Based on an extensive determination and definition of requirements in cooperation with customers, esmo semicon provides a comprehensive service portfolio: from the selection of suitable equipment to completely new designs in order to create optimized and highly efficient test cells.

Our objective: to provide you with a customized system, precisely as per your requirements and demands, for increased utilization rates, an enhanced ease of use and operation as well as sustainable safety – thus, with this maximum of efficiency and profitability, a clear added value for your business.

Applications in the semiconductor industry demand high-precision, innovative state-of-the-art technology [e.g. automated optical inspection (AOI), tri-temp testing, IC testing, sensor testing etc.] as well as reliable, predictable, and sustainable performance properties within clean and controlled test floor environments for premium quality control and assurance.
As a full-service systems integrator, esmo semicon offers a full suite of test equipment solutions, including automatic test equipment (ATE) and automated handling

solutions, for the international semiconductor test industry.
We design, manufacture, and service cutting-edge technology device handling solutions, from basic sub-systems to comprehensive, turn-key automation systems, and entire platforms, as stand-alone components or as part of an integrated system

All esmo semicon products are available with standardized features for integration into most varied test floor environments, engineering, wafer sort, and final test, with all test system and mating equipment types. At request, they may be equipped with optional features for specific test cell and mating equipment demands.
esmo design specialists develop individual solutions for the adaptation and integration of test head manipulators and mechanical interfacing systems into test cells for both front- and back-end testing.

The esmo semicon test head housing has been designed to carry customized instruments and test cards. It allows you to handle your test cards like you would with a conventional ATE test head as well as to dock it to various wafer probers or device handlers.
All esmo semicon products are a result of a long-proven and time-tested joint venture:
Basing on our profound know-how, expertise, and experience of many years, we – in cooperation with our customers as well as in consideration of their feedback,

their concerns, and their requirements – develop and design customized key solutions as per your individual specifications.