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Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) produces automation solutions for testing semiconductors. BSE products include wafer probers, test handlers and ATE.

Wafer Probe
The Odyssey is BSE’s 6” prober (8” capable) designed to be customized to your exact requirements. BSE is a leading source of refurbished Electroglas wafer probers – EG20xx and EG40xx Series probers. BSE is fully licensed and authorized to use EG IP to refurbish systems. BSE has developed many enhancements to the EG probers that are not available anywhere else. BSE is your solution if you use EG probers and need more, want to enhance the capabilities of your existing EG probers or need a custom wafer probe solution.

Test Handlers
BSE’s gravity handlers (V6 and Zeus) have up to eight test sites with a max speed of 20,000 units per hour. Our pick-and-place handlers (Aries Series) can be configured with up to 32 test sites. We are the industry leaders in High Voltage handling and we are always interested in developing custom handler solutions for test floors.

BSE has a large inventory of legacy ATE from Teradyne, LTX, and Credence. We provide semiconductor manufacturers and OSATs with more of the ATE they love. We can configure to match your specification, we warranty what we sell and we can support you with the spares you need to keep your ATE running.

MPI Thermal temperature systems have advanced technology in precise localized hot and cold temperature test equipment. The thermal division has 60 years of combined thermal control system experience. This has brought about a thermal air stream system for today’s manufacturers environmental test chamber needs. We have designed a system that provides accurate temperature control at the test site as a convenient alternative to larger temperature chambers and liquid baths.

The ThermalAir TA-5000 series of temperature test systems brings precise temperature control to the test site for semiconductor ICs, electronic components, hybrids, printed circuit boards and other devices. This enables the user to integrate temperature into any test setup for thermal profiling, temperature characterizing and performing fault analysis for applications such as aerospace, RF microwave, fiber optic components, automotive parts, electronic sensors or any electronic and non-electronic devices.

MPI Thermal is a division of MPI Corporation. MPI Corporation was founded in July, 1995 and has enjoyed growth well beyond industry standards due to an infusion between customer centricity, industry leading technology development, advanced manufacturing techniques and world class customer support. In addition, having four vertical markets spanning across a wide variety of industries has fueled consistent MPI growth.

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