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– CORWIL can now perform ALL JESD22-A113 Precondition work IN-HOUSE, as well as before and after CSAM with the Sonoscan D9000.

– CORWIL has taken delivery of a NEW Chroma 3650 EX Tester, 1024 channels, 96 DPS


Focused Test FTI 1000 Test System

 High Voltage Supply:1,200V, 100mA (70VA max), (expandable to 3,600V)

High Power Supply:100A pulsed, 4A continuous 55V compliance (expandable to 200A)

Low Leakage Measurements:<10nA

Digitizer – Dual Channel: 25 MS/s

TMU:625ps resolution

Quad VI Boar:40V, 100mA



Capable of performing package final test or wafer sort on:

Power discrete devices:


– GaN and SiC Power Transistors

– Bipolar Transistors


– Thyristors/SCR

– Diodes/Rectifiers

Intelligent Power Modules/DrMOS:

– Regulators (PWM, LDO, etc.)

– Motor/Solar Controllers

– Battery Chargers

– Drivers ( MOSFET, LED, etc.)

– Temperature Management

Analog IC devices

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