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C Series – Thru Hole

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Pin Specifications

Minimum Centers: 2.54 mm

Current Rating (continuous):

“C” Ground:          10 amps

“C” Power:             10 amps

“C” Signal:             0.5 amp


Working Travel:

“C4” Ground:      1 mm

“C4” Power:        0.71 mm

“C4” Signal:        0.71 mm

“C6” Ground:      2.50 mm

“C6” Power:        2 mm

“C6” Signal:        2 mm


Typical Resistance:

“C” Ground:       <10 mΩ

“C” Power:          <10 mΩ

“C” Signal:          <60 mΩ


Maximum Travel:

“C4” Ground:     1 mm

“C4” Power:        0.71 mm

“C4” Signal:        0.71 mm

“C6” Ground:     2.50 mm

“C6” Power:       2 mm

“C6” Signal:        2 mm



Overall Length:

“C4” Ground:     7.50 mm

“C4” Power:        7.20 mm

“C4” Signal:        7.20 mm

“C6” Ground:     11 mm

“C6” Power:        10.50 mm

“C6” Signal:        10.50 mm



Barrel: Brass, gold plated

Spring: Stainless steel

Ground: Brass, gold plated

Power: Brass, gold plated

Signal: Brass, Duralloy™ plated


Mounting Hole: 1.62/1.65 mm Pad size for SMT: 2.20 mm S/C wire gage: 20 ga. Max TH drill size: 0.89 mm


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