Admati to Host its 3rd Biannual Semiconductor Seminar

The semiconductor industry is getting excited as Admati Agencies is getting ready to host its 3rd biannual Admati Semiconductor Seminar, on April 10th, at the Hilton Tel-Aviv.

In the past 5 years Admati’s seminar became the place where semi’s professionals from leading companies meet and learn about the latest developments in the fields of backhand validation, and device test and reliability. Two years ago, the seminar hosted engineers from over 50 different companies. Mr. Ehud Admati, the company’s CEO, commented that “we are confident that this year we will have an even larger number of visitors, as people become aware of the event and the benefits it provides”.

The topics to be discussed this year will include: “Qualification Test Challenges”, “Advancements in Low Cost Sockets”, “Active Thermal Management for Test and Characterization”, “Improving the cost-effectiveness of ESD Testing”, and “Test socket advanced interconnect contacts and methodologies”. In addition, Mr. Eliaz Lavi, formerly Marvell Corporate VP and Marvell Israel General Manager, will appear as guest speaker. Seats to the exclusive event are limited, so, attendance requires early registration.

If you would like to attend, registration can be made with Admati Agencies at [email protected].“We are looking forward for to this event and we are sure it will be enjoyable, educational, and beneficial to all our attendees” concluded Mr. Admati.

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